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Golfing On Target

Golf Tournament StampIn the United States, golf means more than just a tiny white ball rolling across a massive green. The activity is routinely used to entertain business clients, incentivizes sales, and provide a comfortable, classic setting for company picnics, product launches and charitable events.

Since people of virtually every fitness level can participate, golf tournaments provide the perfect backdrop for everything from casual conversation to fierce competition. And with 24.1 million self-proclaimed “golfers” in the U.S. and some 800,000 tournaments held each year, the events appeal as much to small non-profit organizations as multi-national corporations.

Best Golf picture series

One of the reasons golf tournaments are so popular among players is because they appeal to golfers of all levels. Beginners have just as much chance at claiming victory as seasoned professionals, since foursomes are specifically assembled to evenly distribute talent.

Here are a few short golf tournament success stories:

  • Conceived to raise funds for teaching the deaf, The HEAR Center Annual Golf Tournament has been the mainstay of the center’s fundraising efforts for 33 years, raising $750,000 during that time.
  • The Southern California grief support group, New Hope, exceeded their goal with their first golf tournament, Fore Hope, collecting $30,000 through tournament registrations, a silent auction and sponsorships.
  • The Fidelco Fall Classic is an annual charity golf tournament that benefits a New England guide-dog school. The three-year-old event is a significant revenue generator for the foundation, having raised $12,000 its first year and $20,000 the second. The event is sponsored by Stanley Corp., makers of Stanley tools, a partnership that has connected the foundation to a host of other companies.

Flat lay golf groupageIn addition to team-building and fundraising, tournaments are a great way for non-profit directors and entrepreneurs to brand — not just with on-site signage but also through personalized prizes and participant swag. Whether you choose to distribute gifts on the golf course during registration, immediately following game play, inside the clubhouse following the tournament, or as the highlight of a follow-up banquet, there are lots of great ways to promote your brand:

On-Site Promotional Ideas

  • Banners
  • Cart sheets
  • Fliers
  • Hole assignmentsGolfball on green with red flag.
  • Pens and Notepads
  • Personalized Pop-up tents
  • Scorecards
  • Signs
  • Tournament rules
  • Wrist bands

Participant Gift Ideas

  • Backpacks and fanny packs
  • Ball markers
  • Bottle openers
  • Can holders
  • Carabiners
  • Club brushes and cleaners
  • Club covers
  • Colorful socks
  • Cooler caddygpftc-red
  • Ditty bags
  • Divet tools
  • Glassware
  • Golf bag tags
  • Golf ball cleaners
  • Golf ball shaped lip balm
  • Golf ball shaped treat containers
  • Golf balls
  • Golf gloves
  • Golf towels
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Hat clips
  • Hats and visorsghcht-group
  • Keychains
  • Mugs
  • Notepads
  • Pens and pencils
  • Personal fans
  • Picture frames
  • Putting cups
  • Shoe bags
  • Sun block
  • T-shirt, Polo or sweater
  • Tees
  • Tumblers

Personalized Golf Tournament Prize Ideas

  • Golf-kit-sggkGift Certificates to the pro shop
  • Golf bag
  • Golf equipment, such as a bag or a driver
  • Set of Clubs
  • Trophies, plaques, crystal bowls or decanters bearing the name and logo of your organization and the date of the tournament
  • Watches


Collegiate Case Studies

gkgcp-mixedDivision I College

The Goal Line Football Club at a Division I college holds an annual golf tournament to raise money for non-school funded items. This year, with the funds raised, they were able to upgrade the equipment room and fund a new video-editing machine. Local companies sponsored the events and co-branded with the university on golf balls, golf bags and other golf related products.

Division III Collegegf100c-mixed

A Division III College holds an annual golf tournament and fundraiser to raise money for their general scholarship fund. In addition to co-branding with the university on golf products, local companies also donated premium gifts for tee prizes and a silent auction.

On Target Promotions is a national promotional products agency based in Riverside, California. We help clients use promotional products along with other media to design and secure quality promotional programs that meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Since we believe nothing is a greater reflection of success than a repeat customer, everything we do is designed with our customer in mind. Your focus is our goal. Call (951) 682-8427 or email us to order golf-related (or any other) promotional items.

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The Story of Promotional Products

Promotional products doodleThe first documented use of promotional products in the United States were commemorative buttons made by a Scottish engraver in 1789 to mark the inauguration of George Washington. Thereafter, the use of promotional products gained enough traction to birth the promotional product industry we know and love today.Metal Letterpress Types.
A background from many historic typographical letters in black and white with white background.

One of the earliest contributors to the budding industry was a newspaper man named Jasper Freemont Meek. Like many of his contemporaries, Meek supplemented his newspaper printing income by printing other items between editions. His first idea came when he saw a child drop her school books in the dirt. He brainstormed FREE burlap bags reading: “Buy Cantwell Shoes” to promote his client’s company. Cantwell and the children were delighted at this new advertising idea.

Artboard 1-100 (2)On the heels of his burlap bag success, Meek started printing company names on horse covers, and eventually opened the first ever promotional products company in 1887, the Tuscarora Advertising Company. Meek’s first competitor was a man named Henry Beach. Both men aggressively sold printing packages for virtually anything that could fit onto a newspaper press, such as cloth caps, aprons, hats for horses, marble bags, buggy whips, card cases, calendars and fans.

Further Matters of Note in Promotional Product History:

  • The use of metal signs was first used to advertise products such as Coca Cola and Budweiser
  • The concept of an “art calendar” was established in the late 1800’s by other early industry leaders, Thomas Murphy and Edward Burke Osborne.
  • By 1894, Osbourne acquired a process now known as letter press printing.
  • In 1904, representatives of 12 manufacturers of advertising goods formed an industry trade association they called the Advertising Manufacturer’s Association. That group is now called the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).
  • Although the industry was hit hard by the Great Depression, it was booming by the late 1940’s.
  • Today, membership in the PPAI is more than 10,000, with industry sales of $17.5 billion.
  • Founded in 1985 by Debbie and Dennis Johnson, OnTarget Promotions is located in Riverside, California. Over the past 31 years, Debbie has served on the PPAI board as Awards Committee chair, which gave her the joy of judging the best of the best promotional programs. On Target has also received the President’s Council Award and the Million Dollar Circle of Excellence Award for the past nine years.

Vintage 2016 wall calendar with watercolor birds and flowers; March

Promotional Products Work

A basic marketing principle suggests that it takes seven “touches” before someone will internalize your call to action (become your customer). These touches can take many forms:

  1. Meeting face-to-face, in a meeting, at a networking event or a tradeshow
  2. Seeing a physical or digital ad
  3. Seeing your social media posts in a news stream
  4. Receiving your e-newsletter other electronic marketing piece
  5. By phone
  6. Word-of-mouth recommendation of a friend or colleague
  7. Seeing your brand displayed on a promotional product – This method of advertising is a no-brainer, because potential clients will see your logo as many times as they use the product it displays. So you could potentially increase the number of touches simply by giving away your personalized pen, notepad or coffee cup.

For the last three years, OnTarget Promotions’ client Blackhawk Plaza has held a Summer Concert Series, designed to increase traffic at the shopping center’s stores. Community support is key to the success of this series, so they purchased branded promotional items to tie in with the series to “woo” attendees. The strategy works, as the plaza has repeatedly “sold out” of the T-shirts because the community wants to support the event and loves the look of Blackhawk-branded apparel.  blackhawk goodies (1)

OnTarget Promotions is a national promotional products agency based in Riverside, California. We help clients use promotional products along with other media to design and secure quality promotional programs that meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Since we believe nothing is a greater reflection of success than a repeat customer, everything we do is designed with our customer in mind. Your focus is our goal. Call (951) 682-8427 or email us to start your project today.